About Us


The Gandhi Centre Australia is an incorporated Australian organisation based in Sydney NSW. It is a secular and not for profit organisation working with the Children, Youth and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities in Australia. Gandhi Peace Centre aims to address cores issues related to families, conduct socially productive projects, environment conservation and promotion related activities. The Gandhi Peace Centre’s Vision and Mission Statement reflects the path of Peace, Harmony and Non Violence ‘for the wellbeing of all.’

We share the global fraternity with the Gandhian followers from all over the World.  Our members are closely associated with the eminent Gandhians from  Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal and Gandhi Book Centre Mumbai in India.  The Gandhi Peace Centre is supported by a group of Professional Social workers who are members of Gandhi Centre Australia

Management Committee Members

  • President : Ronnie D’Souza (until new appointment)
  • Vice President : Dr Rohitas Batta
  • Secretary : Ronnie D’Souza (until new appointment)
  • Treasure : Vidyut Desai
  • Executive Member : Bharati Mehta
  • Executive Member : Leena Desai
  • Executive Member : Nidhi Sharma
  • Executive Member : Sunil Varma
  • Executive Member : Siraj Sarguroh
  • Executive Member : Veena Bhatte
  • Executive Member : Dipti Desai

Our Vision Statement

We are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work and commit ourselves to build harmonious and sustainable Social environment by protecting and promoting Human Dignity in Society where we live.

Our Mission Statement

The Gandhi Centre Australia is to make positive differences in the lives of children, youth and families by empowering, enabling and involving them to realise their potentials.

The Gandhi Centre Australia is to promote Unity, Respect and Harmony among all Religions, Regions, Cultures and Races through the process of professional interventions by means of education, advocacy and demonstration projects.

The Objectives of the Organisation

    • To conduct leadership and character building education and training activities for children and youth, by means of youth interactions, meetings, seminars, workshops and Camps.
    • Providing counselling support services to Women who have been victims of domestic violence; victims of crimes; victims of sexual abuses.  Providing them with crisis accommodation services and referral to support services provided by the Government and various agencies.
    • To support, guide and assist newly arrived Migrants and Refugees in their settlement periods; organising various education and referral activities.
    • To initiate various Community Development Projects so as promotes interaction of various cultures; creating awareness of rich cultures and values of Aboriginals who have been traditional owners of the land.
    • To promote livelihood - job related programs and activities for Women, Migrants, Refuges and Person from aboriginal descents.
    • To promote Peace and Harmony literatures messages by various Social Reformers from various Nations, Regions, Cultures and Religions.
    • As a community development Organisation, Gandhi Centre to address issues impacting communities such as protection of environment, safety of the Community; wellbeing of families through Government projects and programs; networking and associating with likely minded groups; mentoring and supporting local groups working with women, children and Senior Citizens.