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Parenting Teenagers in Cultural Context

This seminar series aims to address issues related to teens caught between peer pressure, individualistic life styles, access and exposure to ever growing changes in media communication, society’s expectation to integrate and the confusion that may cause.  

Each session deals with a separate topic and will be addressing positive relationships between parents and teenagers who are from diverse cultural background; experience and relive the technique of self management to improve family harmony.

Target Group Parents from CALD backgrounds
Date 21st July , 28th July, 4th August 2012 (all Saturdays)
Location The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre, Level 4, 1 Horwood Place, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
Cost Free
Presented by Psychologists, Doctors, Transcultural Mental Health, Social Workers
Facilitated by Gandhi Peace Centre Australia
Supported by Anubhuti – A project for Women and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Australia



International Mother Language Day 2012

Gandhi book stall and exhibition at Bangladeshi book fair was organised on International Mother Language Day.



International Non-Violence Day October 2011

Gandhi books were displayed in three libraries of Holroyd City Council and Gandhi life posters exhibition displayed in Parramatta Council Library.



International Mother Language Day Community Celebration 2010

Fun and frolic games for children, families and community multicultural dinner


International Non-Violence - October 2010

Gandhi Centre jointly with Parramatta City Council Community Libraries organised a weeklong celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 141st birth Anniversary on Saturday 2nd October 2010.

The Parramatta City Council the first local Government Organisation in Australia is creating History celebrating UN declared “International Day of Non Violence” by hosting a week long exhibition of Posters and Books on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work in its six libraries in Parramatta, Dundas Valley, Ermington, Granville, Guildford and Constitutional Hill.


Community Get-Together - April 2010

Family picnic at Parramatta Park


International Mother Language Day - February 2010

Gandhi Peace Centres participated in Book exhibition and fair arranged by Bangladeshi Association on International Mother Language Day at Ashfield Park. Gandhi literature and Gandhi books were sold at 50 percent discounted rate to promote peace and non violence literatures. The bookstall was managed by volunteers.



Community Get-Together - November 2009


Submission invited for Logo/poster Design, Poetry, Songs, Slogans, Essay, Short-stories, Creative writing

Following Subjects were offered :
Peace and Non-Violence; Harmony and Unity; Relevance of Multiculturalism; Truth; Sustainable Future; Recycling; What’shappening to the world around me; People like me because……….; Disagreeing with views and not with the people…; Be the changeyou want to see in the world…..; My dream……….; Global warming –Lessons learnt from my/others mistakes ………

Age Group First Prize Second Prize
3 to 7 years AU $75 AU $50
8 to 12 years AU $100 AU $50
13 to 17 years AU $100 AU $75
18 years and above AU $200 AU $75


Creative Arts/Writing Competition on International Non-Violence Day 2009

‘Gandhi Peace Centre-Australia, Hills Holroyd and Migrant  Resource Centre and ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’ jointly organised ‘UN declared International Peace and Non-Violence day’ from 21st September - 2nd October 2009.

Be a messenger of peace and harmony. Splash your thoughts on posters, paintingsor speak through poems, slogans and songs. Itching to write your essay, stories oryour thoughts? Pick up your pen, which is mightier than the sword! Thiscompetition will not only showcase the talent but will also reveal the secretthoughts the younger generation has.Age groups: a) 3 to 7 years b) 8 to 12 years c) 13 to 17 years d) 18 years and above


International Non Violence Day 2nd October 2009

At Parramatta Town Hall:   Supported by MRC Parramatta and Bharatiya Vidhay Bhavan.


Children’s Peace and harmony activities with Ministry for Peace in Sydney September 2009

Children aged group 8 years to 16 years meet regularly on fortnightly basis.     Children from Chinese, African, Indian and Anglo Saxon background attend the program.

Program:  games and input sessions on leadership development and Peace and Harmony oriented Character building programs through various interactive activities.



Self Development – Self awareness program - “Vipassana and Yoga Program.”

In April 2008 - Gandhi Peace Centre organised Vipassana – self awareness Meditation Program in Granville. The Program was conducted by the experienced teachers from “Vipassana Centre Blackheath.” Thirty Six children attended the program. The program was held between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

During the courses the students learn Anapana, the awareness of their own natural breath. The aim is to enable them to practice after the course for about ten minutes twice a day. This daily practice has been found to bring many benefits, including:

Anapana is the observation of natural, normal respiration, as it enters and exits the nostrils. It is a simple technique that helps develop concentration ofthe mind and has been easy to learn; it is subjective and scientific.  Observation of the breath is an ideal object for meditation because it is a natural function of the body, is always present and is completely non-sectarian.

In addition to helping students calm and concentrate their minds, Anapana helps them to better understand themselves and how their minds work.  They  gain mastery over their impulses and actions and develop an inner strength that helps them to choose right and appropriate actions over wrong actions.  This is a natural result of the technique.

Anapana provides children and teenagers with a tool to deal with agitation, fears, anxiety and stress; Improving their concentration and memory.  The simplicity of the technique is easy for the children to understand the basic and practice them with ease.   Students begin learning and practising Anapana for short periods and this is gradually and naturally extended throughout the course.

For further information on Vipassana Courses please contact:   Blackheath, NSW: (02) 4787 7436 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Communal Harmony Day - 2008

“Unity in Diversity – A Communal Harmony program ” A Community Outreach – Community Development Program. On March 2008 Gandhi Centre Organised a Community get together for the community in Wentworthville – NSW.

Program: Fun and frolic, games and cultural activities program for children and families.Gandhi poster and book exhibitions, community cultural dinner.” A social venture by children and the local communities in Wentworthville.

Mahatma Gandhi International Peace and Non Violence Day 2008. A children’s program by Gandhi Centre Children’s Group

Story writing and poem writing competition was organised.  The theme was  “We are one but we are many”    children from local community and schools in and around Westmead – Wentworthville – Pendle hill area.    50 Children participated.



1st International Non Violence Day celebration on 2nd October 2007

Volunteers with local MP Ms. Julie Owen  Supported by MRC Parramatta.

International Non-Violence Day 2010

International Non-Violence Day 2010
Family Get-Together 2009
Gandhi event at Parramatta 2009
Sydney Peace Festival 2009
GPC at Peace Ministry 2009
Vipassana for Children
GPC Members with Honorary Julie Owen